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Our company has been helping homeowners soak up the sun for over 10 years in San Diego. We take great pride in the fact that are crew at San Diego Solar is made up of home renovation experts from a variety of specialities. You don't just get a team of techies when we show up to help. We take inthe big picture of what you want most from your new home energy system. We listen to what specific needs you have and pair them with the demands your home requires to produce the perfect solar energy system custom tailored just for you. Our services aren't just about putting in the solar panels, our services are designed to make sure you have the best system installed, even if that means you need to use our experts to help install new roofing. We are to here to get you equipped with the best technology to get your home ready to start helping you harness the power of the sun to help fuel your home needs.

We work on everything from residential to commercial. As long as we are helping people get tapped into the limitless potential energy that are sun is providing, we can sleep at night. Sure we help people save money, and we certainly like being able to do that, but we really take a great sense in helping families and individuals on their path to living a life that is more congruent with the planet that we live on. Instead of taking from the Earth, we can now work in unison with the wonderful resources we have in abundance. We know that all starts with our sun. Feel free to give us a call to answer any of your questions or just to speak to one of our experts about an estimate to get your own solar powered home system at (619) 431-3887 or you can

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